Business Brokerage

What is Business Brokerage? 

Most people are well versed in what a Realtor does but what exactly does a Business Broker do and why? 

Bobby Reese AgentOwned Realty Business BrokerA Business Broker puts buyers and sellers of Businesses together when there is not any real estate attached to the sale.

For example, Joe owns a restaurant in a retail shopping space. He has signed a lease for the space to operate his business, but he owns his equipment and has been open and successful for ten years. If Joe decides he wants to retire, he does not want to just close his doors. His establishment has value, his business is worth something. If he were to advertise the business for sale himself and word got out that he were retiring, it could severely effect the value of his business. Joe can contact our Business Broker, who finds an interested buyer, and puts the deal together.

AgentOwned Realty has partnered with Sunbelt Business Brokers, Ed Pendarvis, to bring the public the best Business Brokerage service possible through the professional efforts of our in house Business Broker, Bobby Reese. Come to AgentOwned to buy your home and your business. Contact us today to find how!